Why Qatar Airways is back in business

Posted December 08, 2018 04:01:08Qatar Airways (QAR: QAA) has returned to business after a year-long shutdown after a virus that affected at least 6 million passengers was traced to a US based company.

Qatar Airlines, based in Dubai, announced the decision to return to operations on Monday after a three-month shutdown due to the virus.QAA said on its website it was now operating as usual.

The airline was closed on December 12.

The airline’s website said: “Qatar has been on a recovery and rehabilitation program and has resumed operating operations with full safety and security measures.

This is an important step towards recovery.”

Qatar’s carrier, Qatar Airways (NASDAQ: QAL), had announced a partial shutdown in November, and announced it would reopen in December with more than 5 million passengers.

The closure came after the airline was forced to close two other flights over the winter because of the virus outbreak.

QAL said at the time it would allow passengers to board on January 8, 2019, to be replaced by flights from a US-based airline, Frontier Airlines (NASD: FSLR).

The company said it was working on an emergency flight to Newark from London, the UK, that would take passengers to the US on February 14.

However, Frontier did not immediately respond to a request for comment.QAL also said on Monday that it would restart the flights between New York and Dubai on February 25.

Qatari Airlines said in a statement that Frontier Airlines would be flying on the QAL route from New York to Dubai, and it had no plans to cancel flights on the Frontier route to Dubai.QAR is the largest domestic carrier of US airlines, with about 90 per cent of its revenue coming from the United States.

It is owned by the state-owned Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), and operates through a partnership with American Airlines.QIA is based in New York.