How to read your Southwest Airlines flight info

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Read moreThe airline announced last month that it would be introducing a new app, Southwest Passport, that would allow travelers to book flights using their credit card or online.

That app has been delayed due to the airline’s financial woes, but it will be released in October.

The new app is expected to make it easier to book airfares for the airline, and it will let you track your flights using miles, flights booked and fares paid.

There are also plans to add a new travel option, Southwest Fare Plan, that lets you compare flights and routes with others in the same trip.

The app, which will be available on iOS and Android, will be similar to Southwest’s existing app, but with a few additional features, like an in-flight check-in screen, a map with flight details and more.

The app is also expected to have some new features.

Southwest Airlines announced a plan last month to offer a travel option that lets travelers check out their flights on a smartphone.