Why are Frontier Airlines taking a break from the airline business?

The top U.S. airlines are considering cutting flights to Mexico as the country’s economy has been in freefall.

The Trump administration has proposed a 10% tariff on imports from Mexico.

That could increase the cost of fuel for U.C.M.s jets.

That would be a blow to Southwest Airlines, whose revenue depends on its Mexican customers.

The move would have a huge impact on Southwest, which is in the process of reopening an American branch in Mexico City.

It’s one of the few U.A.s that has been able to stay afloat amid the slowdown in the Mexican economy.

The number of passengers who have flown from Mexico has dropped by more than 90% since the election.

Last month, Southwest’s average daily average of domestic passengers dropped by 30%.

In February, Southwest announced it would cut flights to the United States.

The airline said it would use its new American branch to serve Mexico, but would not fly on the same routes as other U.T.s.

It’s a blow for Southwest because it has enjoyed a $6 billion expansion in the past decade, and is looking to increase the number of travelers it serves.

The new policy is not a major win for Southwest, though.

The company announced in February that it had closed a number of its Mexican and Canadian hubs.