How Canada’s airliners have made their way to the United States – and what they have in common

By now, you probably know that in July 2017, Air Canada and Cathay Pacific announced that they were setting up a joint venture for the launch of new and expanded service between the two countries. 

The new routes would bring Air Canada flights to more than 20 US cities. 

Now, the company has announced that it’s planning a similar partnership for the US.

The plan is for Cathay to begin serving the new routes with its new Airbus A330-200 aircraft. 

Air Canada has been building out its US operations for years.

It began its operations in 2005, with the launch and rollout of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Air Canada is already operating four Boeing 767s and two Boeing 737-800s, both of which it purchased in 2011.

The company has said it plans to have its new routes in place by 2019. 

In 2017, it was the first American carrier to offer the 787, and it was also the first US carrier to announce a new route to the country. 

At the time, Cathay said that its new route would “provide additional choice to the growing number of travellers and travelers from Asia and the Middle East who are considering travelling between the US and Canada”.

The route is scheduled to operate for eight weeks, from April 14 to June 21. 

According to Cathay, the new route will offer a direct route from the US to the airport in the same city.

Cathay’s US subsidiary, Air Pacific, will operate on the same route.

Cathair is also planning to offer two flights per week between the new US and Canadian routes. 

On the Cathay side, the airline has set up a special reservation system, which it said will allow customers to reserve their seats in advance and to choose between a domestic flight or a domestic or international flight from the airport. 

But there’s still some questions as to whether this new route is a viable alternative to Air Canada’s current routes, which currently offer only two flights a week.

“We know there are some issues with Cathay and Cathayan’s service to the US,” Cathay spokesperson Lauren Bercic said in a statement.

“We are committed to delivering our customers the best service possible.

We are confident that with a new partnership, Cathayan will continue to deliver on this promise.”

Cathay has yet to comment on its own plans for the new air routes.

The new routes will also have a direct connection to the new SkyTrain line that will run from Toronto to Calgary.