Airline industry sees record US airline hiring as stock rises

American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and American Continental all saw their stock prices rise in the wake of the US presidential election, with all three companies posting gains on Friday.US stocks fell sharply on Friday after Donald Trump won the election and his campaign accused him of stealing $300 million from American Airlines to help pay off creditors.

The markets fell by more than 5 per cent after a week of trading where the stock market had soared by nearly 40 per cent.

Southwest Airlines, the US’s third largest carrier, saw its market capitalisation drop by about $3 billion.US President-elect Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the airport in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US December 14, 2017.

American Airlines stock has risen by almost 10 per cent this year as the company has become more dependent on US carriers.

It also saw a record number of hires last year, which was due to the rise in demand from Americans travelling from abroad, according to analysts.

The airline has a backlog of about 7,000 flights a day, which is one of the highest in the US, according the American Airlines website.

Southwestern Airlines stock saw its biggest year-on-year gain since 2008, which had been driven by hiring.

The company saw a huge jump in its share price, which surged nearly 40 percent, to $37.35 in mid-November.

Its shares have increased by more as the US economy has strengthened.