How to get free wi-fi at the airports

American Airlines is starting to roll out free on American Airlines planes to passengers, but you might want to look for the airline’s own kiosks in the airport terminals before you get your fix.

The company announced Monday that its Wi-Fi kiosks will begin running free to passengers in January.

American will also be rolling out Wi-fi on the Boeing 737 MAX and 747 MAX MAX aircraft this month, along with the Boeing 777 and Boeing 777X.

American has been a long-time supporter of Wi-fares, which has allowed the airline to cut fuel costs while simultaneously reducing its carbon footprint.

As a result, many airlines are starting to offer Wi-FI for its customers, including United Airlines, United Airlines First Class, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Virgin America.

However, American has yet to roll the Wi-fu out to all its customers.

That could change if the Wi/Fi network expands in coming months, according to Ryan Filippi, senior director of product marketing for American Airlines.

The Wi-Fare rollout comes just weeks after American announced it was launching an app for its WiFares to allow passengers to easily check their flights status.

The app will offer WiFare boarding information, as well as the current status of their plane, flight status, and availability.

“Wi-Fi will be available on American’s 737 MAX, 737 MAX with Wi-Fly feature, 737 Max with WiFFly with WiFi feature, and 737 Max and 737MAX with WiFly with Mobile Wi-Fit service in January,” the airline said in a statement.

“Wi-Fares can be purchased for $25 per month and include access to a free WiFi access point in Terminal A and Wi-Fu in Terminal B. Customers also have the option to purchase Wi-Cards, which can be used to pay for Wi-fare on American, U.S. Airways, or United Airlines.”

American has also launched a Wi-FU service in the United States.

The Wi-Fuel app will allow passengers with American to check their flight status and book a WiFame and free Wi-fit.

American’s Wi-fuel service will begin in the US on January 8.

American also rolled out free WiFi in a number of other airports in the country, including Los Angeles International Airport, Philadelphia International Airport in the Philadelphia area, and Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

American Airlines also announced on Monday that it is extending Wi-fy to American’s American Eagle Airlines fleet, and it is also offering free WiFI in some of its terminals and ticketing lounges in the U.K.