How a U.S. airline’s air fare went from $8.75 to $25

The price of a ticket from an American Airlines flight to Honolulu to Los Angeles was about $8 to $28 at one point.

The price has changed dramatically since.

It was $15 to $19 in December, according to data compiled by CNNMoney.

Now it is $24.

The price has more than doubled to about $60 after a price increase in October.

It is expected to continue to go up.

American Airlines says its price hike will help the airline compete with other U.s. airlines.

It says the increased fare is a result of an aggressive pricing strategy.

American says its prices are now at a level that is competitive with airlines in Europe and Asia, where prices are lower.

American also says its average daily price has dropped by more than 50% from the average for the last year.