Airline to fly passengers to Puerto Rico on Spirit Airlines flight without a hotel

Airlines are being forced to limit flights to Puerto Ricans without a hotels room for their passengers after a hurricane ravaged the island.

The airline Spirit said Monday it was canceling the flights because of the high number of cancellations, but it is also working with Puerto Rico Gov.

Ricardo Rosselló to help those who do have rooms. 

Spirit has previously said it would offer free rooms and meals to those who could not find a hotel. 

The carrier said it was doing so because it was working with Rossello’s office and others to ensure those in need could have them. 

Airlines were scrambling to find hotels for their employees who are still stuck on the island after Hurricane Maria devastated the island on September 15. 

Hurricane Maria destroyed much of Puerto Rico, killing at least 11 people. 

But on Monday, airlines said they were scrambling even as people who had been displaced from shelters were being flown back to their homes. 

“As of today, Spirit will no longer operate flights to the islands,” the company said in a statement.

“The airlines are continuing to work with local authorities and local shelters to resettle displaced residents on the mainland.” 

Spirit’s move comes as President Donald Trump is seeking congressional approval for $1.6 billion in disaster relief for Puerto Rico. 

Trump has also vowed to send more help to the territory if necessary. 

On Monday, the Trump administration ordered the United States territory to build a border wall, citing security concerns over threats posed by migrants who have crossed the U.S. border illegally.