The World’s Top 20 Most Expensive Airline Jobs

The list of the 20 most expensive airline jobs has been updated to reflect the results of a global survey by job website

In the list, the number of airline employees in the UK who earned more than £100,000 was increased to 23 from 21.

The number of employees who earned £100K or more also rose to 9 from 6.

The new list shows that there are now 24 airlines with more than 100 employees, with the most expensive being the British Airways (BA) at £106,914.

British Airways has the most highly paid employees with a total of 12,828,000 (US$16.3 million).

The list also included a few other top airlines, including: Virgin America, United Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and Emirates.

The rankings are based on the total annual salary of an airline employee, not including bonuses, or the value of the aircraft or aircraft cabin, and not including the cost of fuel, insurance or other expenses.

The data for the latest version of the list is based on data from February 2017.