Airlines Are Changing To Pay Workers More For The Same Job, And The Public Should Know About It

Airliners are changing to pay workers less, in some cases for the same job, and the public should know about it.

We recently spoke to three people who have had their pay slashed by up to 40% from a previous job.

Some of the tips below are from them.1.

I was hired at a small airline that pays people $2.50 an hour.

They gave me a $50-a-week pay cut, and I was asked to work two days a week instead of three.

I received $15 more a week than I was expecting.2.

I worked as a flight attendant for a major airline, where I was told I would make $75,000 a year.

After one week, I was offered $25,000.3.

I am a flight engineer at an airport, and was told that I would get $70,000 in salary and benefits, plus bonuses.

I actually got $20,000 less than I expected, and got a bonus of $15,000 instead.4.

I have worked for a large airline for 12 years, and am told I will get $150,000 for each year of my service, plus $40,000 more for the second year.5.

I had my pay slashed from $60,000 to $50,000 and then to $35,000, but I was never told that my new boss had also cut my pay from $50 to $25.

I’ve since been offered $100,000 plus a bonus.6.

I work at an airline that has a policy that they don’t pay severance or benefits to workers who work more than 30 hours per week.7.

A customer service representative from an airline told me I could be making $30,000 per year if I stayed with them for 10 years.8.

A flight attendant told me she could make $70-80,000 working at the airport, plus a $20-40,00 bonus for every 10 years of my employment.9.

A former flight attendant has been offered the same salary I was, but is still earning $70k per year less than what she was promised.10.

I know one former flight engineer who made $70-$80k a year working at a major US airline.

He was also told that his previous employer cut his pay by 20%.

I don’t know if he was offered the exact same amount of pay as I was.11.

I recently got a severance package from my former airline, and it was reduced by a whopping $200,000!

I got $300,000 with no severance, and now I am being told that, if I am offered the $300k severance that my former employer cut me off with, I will be making less than the previous employee.12.

My former employer is now paying me $50 per hour less than before, but now they want to increase my salary by $50 an extra $25 an hour, plus bonus.

They told me that this was a bonus to keep me on the job.13.

I’m working at an airfield where the airport manager told me my next pay cut would be $20 an hour more than my previous pay cut.

I don.t know if they are paying me as much as $50 more, or if they were just trying to raise my pay to keep him on the payroll.14.

My supervisor told me when I was a flight manager that I could have my pay cut by $40 an hour to keep her happy.

I wasn’t offered the full amount of $40 I was promised, but they still want me to make $50 less than my former boss.15.

I learned that my pay had been cut by 40% while I was on the airfield.

I now work a day job, so I’m still making $50 a week less than when I left.16.

My old boss said I would be making more than $150k, but the pay cut just now has put me $150 less than that.17.

I got a new job at a large airport, where my pay has been cut $60 per hour.

I haven’t been offered a sever-payment package, and have not been told if I will still be getting my pay increase.18.

I went from working for an airline where my supervisor told us that we could make up to $80,00 per year, to an airline which says we can only make up $40 per hour, and will be getting me $40 less than $80 per hour now.19.

I just got a $200-per-month bonus, which is the maximum I was given for my work.

My boss told me we were getting paid more than that, and said that they wanted me to work for $200 a month more.20.

I heard my boss talk to another flight attendant who had been working a similar job