Qatar Airways owners sue US over $400M bailout

The owners of Qatari airlines have sued the United States over a $400 million bailout they received from the Obama administration in exchange for the countrys support in fighting the Syrian civil war.

The airline’s owners and investors in Qatar Airways LLC sued the U.S. government on Monday in a federal court in Washington, D.C., accusing the Trump administration of failing to fully support the airline and its employees after Qatar’s military intervened in Syria’s civil war in 2014.

The lawsuit, filed in the U and D. C. District Court of the Northern District of California, seeks to block the Trump Administration from giving Qatari Airways an additional $300 million in support.

Qatar Airways is the second foreign-owned airline to sue the United State over its role in the Syrian war, following Kuwait Airways.

Qatari Airways said the U, in a statement, “has a responsibility to protect the lives and property of its citizens and employees, as well as its citizens in the region and abroad, from terrorist acts by terrorists and other violent groups.”

Qatar said in a separate statement that it “stands with its citizens by supporting the Syrian people in their fight against ISIL.”

Qatari Airlines’ U.K.-based parent company, Virgin Airlines, said in an earlier statement that “Qatar is one of the world’s most successful airlines and we are proud to have helped support them during the civil war, with the support of our international partners.”

Virgin said it has already “reached out to our Qatar colleagues to share our views.”