How to protect your smartphone against spyware

In an attempt to protect you from a potentially life-threatening attack, you may want to download the free antivirus software on your smartphone to avoid being exposed to the potentially deadly spyware from spyware programs.

Here are some tips to help protect your computer from malware and other spyware: If you have Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8, go to Settings > Personalization > Security.

The settings you need to enable the Personalization option in Windows are the one on the left side of this window.

To enable Personalization, click on the Personalize icon at the top of the window.

Select Personalize as the Security option, and click OK.

Next, go back to the Advanced Security tab and select Enable Personalization.

This will make the Personalized option in your Security settings visible in the lower right corner of the screen.

To close this window, click Close.

If you are using a Mac, open Finder and go to the System Preferences.

In the Security tab, click Personalize, and then click OK to close the Security settings dialog box.

If you have a Windows 7/8/10 computer, go into Control Panel > System and Security > Personalize.

Under Personalization tab, select Personalize from the drop-down menu and click Next.

Select the Personalizer check box to make the check box appear.

Close the Personalizing dialog box, and the Personalizes check box should no longer appear.

Now that you have enabled the Personalizations check box, click Next and then OK.

If it’s not the Personalities check box that you want, click Apply.

Select Advanced Personalization from the list of options and click Apply to complete the setup.

Once you’ve completed the setup, you can close the Advanced Personalizer window and then close the Control Panel.

If your PC is still vulnerable to malware, try the following: Open the Security and Control Panel (Security & Control Panel) app from the Start menu.

If a pop-up box appears asking you to select a program to install, click Yes.

In Windows 7, open Start, type Control Panel, and search for Security.

If there is a list of programs you want to install or uninstall, click the list.

When the list shows the programs that you can install or remove, click a specific one to install it or uninstall it.

In order to remove a program, click Remove from the program list.

The list of Programs will change to indicate that you no longer have to install that program.

To uninstall a program from the Windows system, click Uninstall a program.

Select Programs from the pop-ups list and click Remove.