Why airlines are refusing to cut back on flights due to the SOPA blackout

Posted September 08, 2015 10:07:29As we reported earlier today, American Airlines (NYSE:AAL) and Southwest Airlines (NASDAQ:SWL) are reportedly cutting flights between the United States and Australia, which means that travelers are losing their way.

This is particularly unfortunate because Australia is one of the largest carriers in the world, and their air transportation is among the cheapest in the country.

In other words, if the airlines are able to get their planes to and from the country, it will be a big boon to the airline’s bottom line.

However, it could also be a blow to travelers in the U.S., as the airline has been suffering from a shortage of domestic flights, and the airline hasn’t had much of an uptick in demand over the last several months.

The problem?

While the airlines say they are cutting flights, many travelers are worried that this will mean a big drop in their travel plans.

As reported by Bloomberg Businessweek, airlines are reportedly going to be cutting back on their flight routes, which could cause problems for travelers.

In addition, as reported by the Associated Press, airlines in the region say they have been told to cut flights because they are experiencing a shortage in their domestic flights.

This has caused many travelers to cancel their travel and take alternative ways of getting around the U, including flying in-person.

If you’re going to travel between the U and Australia this weekend, this may not be a good time to do so.

American Airlines has been hit by a number of events since the Sopa blackout.

Earlier this month, the airline was forced to temporarily suspend flights to several cities in Europe due to a lack of fuel supplies.

As the AP reported, “In the U., American and Delta Airlines have cancelled flights and grounded some of their aircraft.

Air France and Norwegian have said they have cut flights as well.

Air Canada says it will suspend flights between Toronto and Quebec City as the province struggles with its oil-producing oil sands.”

American and Delta have also said that they are not sure how many flights will be cancelled in the coming days.

“While these actions may not have been the biggest blow to the airlines, it does have a major impact on the region.

Many flights have been delayed because of the shutdowns.

According to the AP, “Air Canada says some flights to Toronto and Montreal have been postponed for up to 24 hours.

Canadian Pacific says it is postponing two flights, both to Vancouver, B.C. and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“As of Tuesday, the airlines had announced that their flights had been grounded for more than a week, with flights to New York City and San Francisco postponed.

Airlines in the Middle East, including Qatar Airways (NYSE.QQ), Kuwait Airways (QAL.MO) and Qatar Airways, (QAB.AA), have also been forced to cancel flights in the past week due to an inability to secure fuel supplies from other nations.

Meanwhile, United Airlines (OTC:UAL) has announced it will also be cutting flights to some cities, including Boston, Miami, and Atlanta, in addition to cutting the number of flights from Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami.

United’s cut of flights to Chicago is expected to be more than 40 percent of the total flights from the city.

Meanwhile, United’s announcement is expected be in the thousands, according to the Wall Street Journal.

United is expected “to cut flights to a total of eight cities, all in the Northeast and Midwest, and has halted all flights to London, New York, Paris, Rome, Singapore, and Bangkok.”

According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, United has been forced “to suspend flights in Chicago, Miami and Atlanta” due to fuel shortages.

As of Wednesday, United had cancelled more than 100 flights, according, the Chicago Tribune.

In a statement to BusinessWeek in regards to United’s actions, a spokesperson said, “We are canceling some flights in response to fuel issues in Chicago.

We are also suspending flights to nine cities and flying fewer than 100 passengers from three.

“United has also announced that it will temporarily suspend service between San Francisco and Los Angeles.