Southwest Airlines shares plunge amid turbulence with US Airways

Southwest Airlines is reporting a loss of about $1 billion on Thursday, a steep decline that is likely to prompt a broader selloff by the carrier.

The loss of the airline’s $14.5 billion in net revenue this quarter is a sharp fall from a year ago when the airline reported net revenue of $19.5bn.

That was the first time in almost two years that Southwest lost money on revenue.

The airline is also reporting a $4.3 billion loss for the quarter ended Dec. 31, and a loss on the sale of certain assets, including its U.S. Air Lines subsidiary, the American Airlines Group Inc.

Airlines have long faced tough competition from new airlines and a steep drop in ticket sales as consumers increasingly switch to cheaper air travel.

The drop in airline revenue could put pressure on Southwest to trim spending.

The company announced last month that it will begin shutting down its U-Haul and UPS stores and that it is laying off about 1,100 workers, including about 1.2% of its workforce.

The company said it is also reducing its capital expenditures by about $10 billion to $4 billion.

That would mean that the company will be able to sell about $600 million in stock to fund the sale and would also reduce its debt by $3.5 million.

Southwest is also selling its JetBlue parent, JetBlue Southwest, which owns JetBlue and its American Airlines subsidiary, in a deal that would raise $500 million for the company.

The U-haul and UPS closures could also be a blow to Southwest’s ability to maintain the airline as a major provider of air travel in the United States.

Southwest has more than 100 stores and some 150 employees at its four airports.

Southwest also operates its first Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

It could be even worse if the company continues to lose money.

Analysts had expected a loss at the end of the quarter.

Southwest shares have been sliding since the start of the year.