Why the Ukraine Airline Airtel has no plans to fly Ukraine to the UK

Airtels CEO Vikram Pandey said on Friday that the Ukrainian airline airline Airtle would not fly Ukraine, which is now embroiled in the country’s bloody civil war.

“No airline would fly to Ukraine,” Pandey, the CEO of India-based Airtl, said at a conference on the business of aviation in New Delhi.

“It’s not possible to fly to a war zone, and there is no business case to fly there,” he said.

The airline said it has a number of customers in the Ukraine and will resume flights there after the war ends.

“After the end of the conflict, the airline will not fly to the conflict zone.

This decision is taken by the board of Airtles’ parent company,” the airline said in a statement.

The move came after the airline reported that it would not be able to fly the Ukraine to Europe for three months, citing the political and economic situation.

“The political and economical situation in Ukraine is worsening rapidly, resulting in a high level of instability and a shortage of air cargo,” the statement said.

“With limited air cargo availability, there is a serious risk of cargo being lost and damaged due to the war and other circumstances.”

The airline, which has over 1.5 million customers in Ukraine, said it would start the process of relocating to Europe.

“As the Ukrainian government has suspended flights, Airtls decision to cease flights in Ukraine will be announced in the coming days,” the company said.