How to spot the ‘fake’ jobs ads on American Airlines tickets

A former employee of American Airlines says a company in Florida has used ads on airline tickets as a way to boost its sales and get around regulations to hire employees on temporary or contract positions.

The Florida-based airline, Delta Air Lines, has seen a surge in advertising on its tickets, including on the airline’s website.

The adverts were made by the company Delta Air Line, and they are meant to help Delta attract the most qualified applicants.

Delta has also made a concerted effort to recruit foreign workers for its airline, even as it has struggled to recruit American employees.

It has been trying to fill thousands of jobs at its regional hub in Atlanta, where Delta is based.

The airline has a backlog of about 2,000 jobs, but it has only been able to fill about 400 of them.

“We’ve seen a tremendous amount of advertising on the Atlanta hub, and we’ve seen the advertising of our job ads on the airport’s job board,” said Ryan Foltz, the general manager of Delta’s Atlanta hub.

“Delta has been recruiting in the United States for a long time and we’re very proud of our efforts to recruit.”

Delta says it hires people on temporary, contract or other temporary or limited-term contracts for the jobs.

“The majority of our airline employees work in the Atlanta and Columbus hubs, which are located in different regions of the country,” Delta said in a statement.

“However, we also hire and train pilots and other aviation professionals in Atlanta.

Our aviation experts and flight attendants are available to assist in our regional hubs, and their skills are valuable to the airlines operations.”

Delta does not disclose the number of workers it employs, but a spokeswoman said the company hired about 1,600 people in the region last year, including 1,700 flight attendants and nearly 600 flight crew.

Foltz says the ads appear to be targeting non-American employees.

“I have never heard of any other airline that’s hired people to advertise on their tickets,” Foltaz said.

“They seem to be trying to use this as a recruiting tool.”

Delta has not responded to questions from The Associated Press about the ads.