Delta Airlines employees have voted to unionize

The Delta Airlines labor department says about 1,000 Delta employees will unionize Thursday, a week after it said it would pay its employees a $1.6 million bonus for their work.

The union has until March 4 to vote.

Delta said it had to cancel its last-minute deal with its pilots after some of them voted to strike over the pay hike.

That forced Delta to cancel the deal and then suspend it.

The airline says it is continuing to investigate the cause of the strike.

Delta had previously planned to pay workers a $2,500 bonus, but decided not to because of the uncertainty about the contract.

The pay hike came after a union organizing drive led by pilots in late March that started on social media.

The airline says that some pilots will be given up to three months’ severance pay, but that they will not be compensated for lost wages because of their work on the plane.