Spirit Airlines gets new name, new logos, new website

The Spirit Airlines company that’s been on a tear in the last few years is getting a fresh makeover.

As Polygon reports, the company’s new website will focus on “empowering passengers” and “delivering value to our customers.”

Spirit Airlines is looking to focus on more of a service-oriented brand, with the company offering “excellent customer service” and an “open, respectful and safe environment for everyone.”

Its new website says it will “focus on bringing you the best service, with no strings attached.”

The website will feature a number of new services, including Spirit Airlines lounge lounges and Spirit’s new “Spirit App,” which allows customers to book flights and book their hotels on-demand.

The Spirit App also includes a Spirit Passport which lets customers travel on Spirit Airlines’ fleet of more than 20,000 aircraft.

The company will also offer Spirit Passports to members of its Spirit Airlines Rewards Program, which offers cash back on all Spirit flights.

Spirit has been doing well for itself, though its earnings have been slow and its business has been declining.

Its stock is down by more than 50% this year.