How to be an airman on the Frontier Airlines website

A few weeks ago, the company that owns Southwest Airlines posted a job ad on the company’s website that had a few questions.

The ad asked applicants to answer some basic questions about themselves and the company.

Here are some of the questions answered.1.

How many people work for the company?2.

How did you get here?3.

What are your responsibilities?4.

What would you do if you had to resign?5.

Do you work from home or do you take part in regular business hours?6.

Are you a member of the military?7.

What is your hobbies?8.

What do you enjoy most about the company?: A list of Frontier Airlines perks that is available to all employees.

The company also offers perks for new hires.1) Free coffee on every flight.2) A free Southwest Airlines travel insurance policy.3) Free meal vouchers for Frontier Airlines customers who buy an airline ticket.4) $2,000 Southwest Airlines gift card to use for travel.5) Free Southwest Airlines meal vouchers to be used at any Frontier Airlines restaurant.6) One free Southwest Airways lounge pass to use at any of Frontier’s hotels.7) One complimentary Frontier Airlines Southwest Airlines lounge pass for the first 3 months of membership.8) $20 Southwest Airlines Southwest® credit card.9) Free Frontier Airlines airline lounge passes to members with Frontier Airline membership.10) Free unlimited Southwest Airlines domestic flights for one year.11) $1,000 Frontier Airlines gift cards.12) $50 Southwest Airlines credit card for travel to and from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.13) $5,000 airline lounge pass.14) $30 Southwest Airlines airline lounges pass.15) Free Delta Airlines Southwest Express® ticket.16) Free United Airlines Southwest Airline ticket.17) $100 Southwest Airlines airfare for one trip.18) $200 Southwest Airlines SkyMiles® credit balance for one month.19) $400 Southwest Airlines flight fee.20) $1000 Southwest Airlines business travel award.21) $3,000 flight fee for one flight.22) $6,000 business travel fee.23) $8,000 airport baggage fee.24) $10,000 United Airlines Delta Airline award.25) $25 Southwest Airlines Delta award.26) $75 United Airlines award.27) $150 United Airlines business award.28) $300 United Airlines Sky Miles® credit score.29) $250 Southwest Airlines award award.30) $500 United Airlines credit balance.31) $750 United Airlines lounge passes.32) $600 Southwest Airlines international business award for one-year.33) $800 United Airlines gift certificate for first year.34) $15,000 Delta Airlines award for the next 3 years.35) $4,000 free Delta award for a year.36) $35,000 award.37) $65,000 awards.38) $140,000 SkyMile® credit bonus.39) $70,000 corporate hotel stay.40) $125,000 hotel stay award.41) $55,000 international business hotel stay bonus.42) $60,000 personal trainer gift.43) $95,000 company car rental bonus.44) $80,000 vacation.45) $180,000 credit card bonus.46) $85,000 travel allowance.47) $90,000 monthly bonus.48) $120,000 loyalty bonus.49) $115,000 bonus vacation.50) $135,000 discount card.51) $130,000 trip credit.52) $175,000 gift card.53) $225,000 Travelocity® credit.54) $275,000 Reward Credit® award.55) $350,000 Rewards credit.56) $450,000 Chase Preferred® travel credit.57) $550,000 Business Class® credit at Frontier’s office.58) $650,000 Premier® Rewards travel credit at the Frontier office.59) $900,000 Airline Miles® travel rewards credit at Southwest’s office, for the current fiscal year.60) $12,000,000 Discover® Rewards bonus credit.61) $7,500,000 rewards at Frontier.62) $9,000 Miles® reward credit.63) $17,000 miles.64) $24,000 points at Southwest.65) $37,000 Points® rewards at Southwest for the following year.66) $18,000 reward at Southwest to cover Frontier’s annual mileage and airfare costs.67) $26,000 Alaska Airlines award at Frontier, for current fiscal.68) $28,000 U.S. Airways award at Southwest, for future fiscal.69) $33,000 Award Plus bonus at Southwest that is calculated on a quarterly basis.70) $45,000