Spirit Airlines to replace Cebu Air with Spirit Airlines from 2018

Cebusas Spirit Airlines will be the first airline to fly to the Philippines from Singapore following a deal between Singapore Airlines and Singapore Airlines International Airport (SIA).

Singapore Airlines said the Singapore Airlines Group would acquire a controlling interest in Spirit Airlines, which was previously owned by a Malaysian airline. 

The airline has announced it will operate two routes between the two cities. 

“This agreement with Singapore Airlines allows us to provide Spirit with a strong platform in Southeast Asia and create an even stronger Southeast Asia Airlines,” said David Hui, CEO of Singapore Airlines. 

Singapore Airlines also said that it will take on a larger stake in Spirit. 

Both airlines will continue to operate flights to and from Singapore and will continue operating on the Singapore Expressway. 

In an announcement, Singapore Airlines Chief Executive Officer Dr. Lim Chin Seng said the airline will have a stronger presence in Singapore. 

He said Spirit’s “experience and expertise will be expanded to support Singapore Airlines’ new strategic partnership.” 

Singhan Airlines has been in negotiations with Cebulans Spirit Airlines for the past few years. 

According to reports, the airline has secured an additional $50 million to $60 million from Singapore Airlines to be used for its acquisition of Spirit.

 “Our strategy is to continue to develop and grow our business, invest in our facilities, and invest in new routes in Southeast Asian countries,” said Lim. 

Spirit Airlines said it will continue with its regular operations from Singapore.