Why the Delta Airlines reservation crisis is worse than you think

The airlines have been struggling to fill thousands of seats at many hubs over the last few years.

Delta is the exception.

The airline, which recently raised its full-service cabin fees to $130 for first-class passengers, has struggled to fill seats at all major hubs.

At a time when airlines are looking to slash costs, this has led to shortages and cancellations at many airports.

And, as with most airlines, Delta is struggling to meet demand for seats.

Now, some of the airline’s most prominent critics are saying that Delta’s struggles are worse than it appears.

The airline’s CEO, Ed Bastian, told Bloomberg on Wednesday that he sees the airline as a victim of a global economic downturn.

“I don’t see any silver lining for Delta at this point in time,” he said.

“The downturn is just going to continue and it’s going to affect all airlines.”

That’s not entirely true.

As the WSJ reports, Bastian did say that the airline has been able to ramp up its service levels to meet customer demand.

But, he also pointed out that the company is “in a really good position to sustain growth going forward.”

The airline has more than 13 million full-time employees and is profitable.