What is PSA Airlines and what does it do?

The company is a global carrier with a large fleet of Boeing 737-800 and 787-9 jets.

It is also owned by United Airlines and is part of Spirit Airlines.

Spirit has been struggling to regain market share in the United States, and it has lost ground in some of its international markets as well.

Spirit also lost ground to rival Spirit Airlines after it filed for bankruptcy protection in 2014.

Spirit Airlines said it expects to earn $2.2 billion in 2018, according to its financial statements.

Spirit is part owned by US Airways.

Spirit will also continue to operate its main routes in the US.

Spirit said it plans to start offering services in the U.S. in 2018.

Spirit’s bankruptcy filing also said the airline will not renew its contract with US Airways and will seek to merge with another airline.

United, the parent company of Spirit, also said it was looking to merge Spirit Airlines with another company.

United said in an earnings call on Tuesday that it would look to sell Spirit Airlines to Spirit Airlines as part of its $20 billion purchase of Spirit. 

United and Spirit Airlines merged in January, with United paying $3.6 billion for Spirit.

Spirit bought the airline in 2016 for $8 billion.

The company said it planned to continue operating Spirit Airlines for at least the next three years.

Spirit and United have been struggling in the past.

Spirit lost about 10 percent of its fleet last year as United’s fleet increased.

The airline said it is currently operating about 50 aircraft.

United is looking to increase its fleet to 70 aircraft by 2020, up from the current 65 planes.

United announced that it had lost almost $600 million in the first half of the year due to fuel prices, and the airline is seeking to save $400 million by 2020. 

Spirit Airlines, founded in 1987, is one of the largest private carriers in the world.

Its fleet includes 737-200 and 737-300 aircraft.

The companies merged in April.