What’s the best way to avoid getting charged for flying with twa airline?

The airline has said it is investigating a number of complaints about its use of a technology to track passengers’ movements in real-time.

“As soon as the issue arose, we immediately launched an internal investigation and are taking the appropriate steps to investigate and bring to justice those responsible,” a Twa spokesperson said.

“Twa has zero tolerance for any breach of our terms of use and any actions taken to circumvent these terms of usage are always subject to an appropriate review and if warranted, the appropriate action will be taken.”

 In a statement, Twa said: “We have no control over the actions of third parties and we do not monitor and are committed to making our customers and partners as safe as possible.

The company does not control the use of our platform.”

 The airline has also launched a “safety advisory” which it said is meant to “provide additional clarity on what actions are being taken”.

“We have zero tolerance and any breach that may happen will result in a breach notice being sent to the third party, which will be promptly responded to,” it said. 

“Any breaches will be handled in accordance with the terms and conditions of the service and in accordance that the customer has agreed to these terms and Conditions.”