AUS says it is suspending all international flights to Pakistan

A US airline is suspending flights to and from Pakistan as the country continues its investigation into the death of a passenger who was on a flight.US Air Force spokesperson Colonel Steve Warren said on Tuesday that the suspension of flights to Karachi was due to a security investigation.

The US military has accused Pakistani security forces of firing on passengers and killing the Afghan national, who was found dead in a baggage carousel at a US military base on the outskirts of the Pakistani capital.US President Donald Trump has said the attack was carried out by Afghan forces.

“We believe it was an Afghan-led attack.

We are still investigating, and we’re going to be doing so in due course,” he told reporters.

The Associated Press news agency cited US officials as saying the Pakistani military is investigating the incident.

A spokesman for US State Department said the US was aware of the incident and is in close contact with Pakistan’s government and security forces.

The spokesman added that Washington “will continue to monitor developments in the region”.