Why the Frontier Airlines reservation process is slow

Frontier Airlines recently announced they are starting to roll out a new reservation system.

Here’s a quick recap:When you register, you need to create a profile on Frontier Airlines to be able to view their reservations.

You can then search for flights and add or remove flights at any time.

For now, you only need to search for the Frontier airlines you want to book.

When you create a new booking, you’re also able to search the entire reservation history for that flight.

Frontier has said they plan to add additional features in the near future. 

When you search for a flight, you will see a chart of the flight, the departure date, and the departure time.

Clicking on the departure chart will bring up additional details about the flight. 

To get a quote for a Frontier flight, just go to the flight reservation page.

Frontier will only list flights on their flights. 

There is a free credit card payment option for Frontier airlines.

Frontier’s loyalty programs will also include an in-flight credit card for any Frontier airline reservation. 

For those that want to take advantage of this, they have a $50 airline credit card that can be used to book Frontier airlines flights.

The card also works for flights within Alaska, as well as Southwest. 

This new reservation feature should help make reservations more efficient and help Frontier Airlines increase their bookings. 

Here’s a list of Frontier Airlines flights and flight dates: The Frontier Airlines Flight Schedule page  shows flights and departure dates. 

 This page also shows flight departure times. 

I hope Frontier Airlines will add more in-depth information about Frontier flights in the future.

If you have any questions about Frontier Airlines reservations, feel free to drop them below in the comments.