U.S. airline company flies to Dubai with 20,000 passengers, no seats

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – United Airlines will fly from Dubai to the capital of Saudi Arabia on Monday, the carrier said in a statement.

The flight will include an initial landing at Doha International Airport, the airline said, adding that no passengers will be seated.

United said the flights will begin with two commercial flights to Dubai and then expand to 10 additional destinations, including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirate.

It said there will also be two international flights, from London Heathrow to Dubai.

The airline said it will provide complimentary boarding for those traveling on a Delta ticket.

The airline has not yet announced details of any other international flights.

United has a number of destinations in the Middle East and the region.

The United Arab emirates are a region of Saudi Arabian Arabias landlocked neighbors and host some of the world’s most famous hotels and resorts.

They also have the world�s largest Arab workforce.

United Airlines said it had previously scheduled an international flight from Dubai on Monday but was delayed by a series of storms.