How to pay for flights with bitcoin?

The U.S. government is considering allowing bitcoin payments to be accepted on flights, the U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper reported Friday.

Bitcoin is currently the world’s most popular digital currency.

But the U .


government has yet to allow bitcoin as a form of payment for its citizens, which could pose problems for travelers who prefer using cash.

Bitcoin is currently used as a method of payment by the online travel marketplace,, which allows consumers to purchase goods and services with bitcoins.

But the U.-K.

government hasn’t yet considered allowing the use of bitcoins as payment for government services, according to the Telegraph.

The government has been considering how to implement bitcoin payments for some time, the newspaper reported.

As a result, it is possible to purchase a ticket to the U S., but the trip would have to be paid for in bitcoin.

However, the Telegraph reported that the U-K.

could also be considering the use.

According to the newspaper, the government could issue a directive that permits bitcoin payments.

This would allow citizens to purchase tickets using bitcoin for government contracts and public services.

A bitcoin is an electronic digital currency, which can be used for payments, transfers, and in many other ways.

“There is a strong desire in government and in the private sector to enable digital currencies as a way to make transactions easier,” said Michael Goggin, an international partner at law firm Ernst & Young LLP who specializes in bitcoin and blockchain solutions.

Goggin said the government should consider using bitcoin to allow people to travel without having to use cash.

However, bitcoin is not currently regulated by the U and the U Kingdom is in the process of updating its regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency.

Also, bitcoin has faced controversy in the past.

In July, it emerged that the Treasury Department had warned the cryptocurrency could be used to launder money.

In response, the cryptocurrency rallied and its value has risen in recent months.

Although the Telegraph said the U is considering the possibility of allowing bitcoin, the paper said the idea is not without its detractors.

People would be able to avoid paying for flights using bitcoin, said Goggan.

He added that the currency could pose a security risk to travelers.

Travelers who prefer cash, and who would prefer to use it for payments on their flights, could also pay for their ticket with bitcoin, he said.