Which airlines are flying more?

Frontier Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Continental Holdings are among the airlines flying more passengers per hour than at any point in 2017, according to data from travel agency Airfarewatchdog.com.

Frontier, Delta, and American Airlines have all been on the increase in terms of hours, and Southwest, United, and JetBlue are on the decline.

Delta Air lines flights climbed by more than a half a million passengers per day over the last year, and all of the airlines saw significant increases in passenger volume, according in the data.

In 2018, the number of passengers flying on Frontier and Delta dropped by nearly 500,000 passengers, the data shows.

Frontier and United also reported that the number and frequency of flights they are offering increased.

The data shows that all of these airlines are moving ahead with plans to increase the number or frequency of service to more destinations, and in some cases, add more services, as they have in recent years.

Southwest, for example, is moving to offer more flights than it did last year.

United announced plans to add more flights by 2020 and added additional routes, including the first two flights of the new Blue Line service.

Delta announced plans for the next year, including more flights, and is expanding its service by adding the Blue Pass service.

All three airlines have been making improvements to their services and customer satisfaction.

Delta has been the most reliable and popular airline, with its lowest fares.

United and Frontier have been the least reliable and least popular.

Frontier is the only airline that has consistently outperformed Delta and United.

For the first time in its history, Southwest has increased its passenger volume per hour, according the data, but it still trails Delta by only a few thousand passengers.

It has a much better track record of making changes in its fleet and pricing to attract new customers.

United, meanwhile, has continued to increase its service and is increasing its service frequency, while Delta is increasing service frequency and offering more service.

Southwest and United have a very positive track record, and Frontier and Southwest are going to be the ones to suffer the most as the new year approaches. For more: