The Allegiant airlines reservation system

Azores airlines is currently under fire from the Federal Aviation Administration for its reservation system.

The airline is facing criticism from a number of users on Reddit and Twitter who claim that the airline reservation system does not make it easy for users to make reservations.

“Azores airlines has the worst reservation system in the industry,” one user wrote.

“They’ve been known to take your money, then call you back a month later, after the price was gone, only to send you a bill with a $400 fee.

You don’t even know you’re in trouble until you’re on the ground, waiting in line to book.

It’s not even a matter of being able to make a reservation.

It seems that theres only one way to book.”

Another user said that it’s “not uncommon” for the airline to book a ticket and then ask the user to rebook.

“It’s always a nightmare.

When they tell you they’ve booked the flight, you are left waiting in the queue for 2-3 hours and have to pay for it, then have to wait 2-4 hours for it to be picked up and taken to the airport.

Then it takes you 2-6 hours to get to the gate and you have to leave again.”

Azores has been subject to many controversies since the company was launched in 2012.

The company was fined $1.5 million by the FAA for not properly documenting the airline’s flight tracking data and for violating the law on flight tracking by allowing customers to track their flight with their phones.

However, the airline was not fined in relation to the data breaches that have dogged the company since the beginning.

In April 2016, the company announced that it would be bringing back the option to reserve seats for up to 30 days after an initial reservation.

The new reservation system is the result of Azores CEO Jose Luis Aguilar being asked by an aviation industry consultant to look into the issue.

Aguilar told the Associated Press that the system had been in use for at least two years and that the FAA did not seem to have an issue with it.

The Federal Aviation Authority is responsible for regulating airlines and airports, but does not directly regulate airlines.

The FAA regulates airlines under the Federal Air Navigation Regulations, which regulate the use of aircraft by the private sector.

Azores also operates its own flights, but operates as an independent company.

However the FAA has not made it mandatory for Azores to use the system.

Azoros spokesperson Joaquín Viana said in a statement that the company is committed to maintaining its best practices and that it has an independent board of directors.

Azos has received some criticism for its reservations system, including from some users who have complained that the booking system was unfair and that they could not book flights.

Azore claims that the reservation system makes it easier for people to book tickets and to track flights.

“We have had complaints about our system from our customers,” Aguilar said in an interview with Reuters.

“The problem is that we have to use our system to book flights.”

Azoros customers have had to cancel flights because of the booking process, he said.

Azoes reservations system was implemented in May 2016 and Azores now offers a free reservation service.

The reservation system allows customers to make bookings for up-to 30 days, but it has not yet been widely implemented, according to Aguilar.

Azórros reservations system is a “complete mess,” Aguilas said.

The system was not implemented to protect the company from potential fraud, as the company claims, and the system does allow users to track the flight status.

The agency did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether the agency will take action against Azores.

The service, called Azores Plus, is available for use on Azores flights that do not meet the minimum flight capacity requirement, according the company.

Users can reserve seats up to two weeks in advance of the flight date and the flight number.

The flights are booked using a system called Azos One that uses the user’s phone number to create a reservation, Aguilar explained.

The phone number is shared with Azos and a reservation is made on Azos Plus for that flight, according a statement posted on Azore’s website.

“Once you book the flight the flight reservation is created for that plane and you get a code to use that flight for up until 30 days,” Aguiler said.

“But, if you cancel the flight that flight will be cancelled.”

A user on Reddit said that the Azores reservations system allows users to book up to 15 days in advance.

“I am so sick of this system, Azores,” one Redditor wrote.

Another user posted: “It is very annoying, especially after the flight cancellation and if you dont have a plan or have been told you will need to change your plans.

I have been asked to cancel a lot and the only reason I have cancelled was because I didnt have a reservation.”

Azos also operates a reservation service, but