Which airlines are the best for travel on United Airlines?

United Airlines said it would close a large number of routes in several U.S. cities over the next year and may even stop flights to some U.K. cities, a sign that the carrier is looking to focus on more profitable routes.

The airline said in a statement late Monday that it would reduce capacity on flights to the United Kingdom by 25 percent to 70 percent by March 2019 and the United States by 25 to 35 percent by the end of the year.

It would also phase out flights to certain U.C. Davis, California, and Seattle, Washington, by March 2020, the airline said.

United said it expects its annual sales to decline by 4.5 percent to 4.7 percent to $3.6 billion in 2019, as it cuts its global workforce by roughly 1,100 workers.

In addition to United’s planned reductions in the U.B.C., California and Seattle markets, United said it planned to close a number of other routes, including routes to Mexico, Canada and Brazil.

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United Airlines is expected to close up to 1,300 of its global routes, according to the company’s quarterly financial statement.

United said last week that it expects to close around 900 of its routes in 2019.

United said in its quarterly financial statements that it will also stop flights in Europe and Australia by the middle of 2020, a move that could affect more than half of its flights in those markets.

United announced in December it would cut about 500 jobs, most of them in its U.P.L. family of airlines, and that it is planning to cut another 500 jobs by the first half of 2019.