Israeli airlines say they will not operate flights to USA

Israeli airlines are reportedly considering a decision to end flights to the United States over security concerns, according to reports on Tuesday.

The US State Department on Tuesday said that Israel was in the process of reviewing an amendment to its airspace rules that would allow it to operate in some of the US’ busiest areas.

According to the Associated Press news agency, the move would likely mean Israel would not fly to Washington, DC, Chicago, Dallas, New York or Los Angeles.US President Donald Trump has repeatedly lashed out at Israel for its actions, accusing the country of launching an offensive against US troops in the Gaza Strip, where it has a large population of Palestinians.

The amendment to the rules passed by the US Congress in January would allow Israel to operate between areas of Israel that are heavily populated and heavily militarised.

Israel has long been a frequent destination for American travelers, including some who have flown on the carrier Delta, which also operates flights between Israel and the US.US Senator Rand Paul, who is the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, said on Tuesday that the US government would take action if Israel decided to continue its flights.

“If it does not respect the United Nations Charter and the rules of the international community, we will do something about it,” Paul said on MSNBC.

The White House said it was not commenting on the report.

In response to a request for comment from The Associated Press, a spokesperson for the Israeli Air Force said it did not comment on specific reports.