Why Southwestern Airlines is recruiting for its international aviation careers

United Airlines has launched an online job search that’s aimed at hiring pilots, flight attendants, flight managers and other aviation employees.

The company’s job board is a portal that lists job openings for those interested in working in aviation.

The company says its international careers are looking for an “engineer,” a pilot, a flight attendant, a manager, a stewardess, a trainer, a navigator and a mechanic.

Southwest Airlines said its global aviation careers are seeking “engineers, flight mechanics, pilots, pilots and mechanics” as well as flight attendants.

The job board lists the positions in three geographic regions, the United States, Asia Pacific and Europe.

It lists jobs for “airline pilots, airline pilots and pilots and ground crew.”

Southwest said it’s also looking for flight attendants who are responsible for maintaining the airline’s aircraft.

It said pilots, ground crew, flight and flight operations supervisors and pilots are the most sought after positions in its aviation jobs board.