Which airlines are making a killing on U.S. flights?

AIRPLANES NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The airlines of America are getting into the business of making the skies more crowded, but they’re still getting a raw deal.

The airlines have been on a tear in recent years, but this year, the airlines have struggled to compete with the surging demand for their services.

The industry is in the midst of a major transformation that will take years to complete.

In order to compete, airlines need to invest in the best technologies they can.

They need to develop more affordable routes that cater to new customers, such as the airline that is offering the cheapest fares.

And they need to find ways to attract and retain their most loyal customers.

Here are some of the companies that are making some serious money off the industry this year: Air Canada Airlines are going to need a lot more of a boost in profits from 2018 to make up for the losses of 2017.

That’s because the airline industry has been hit hard by the recession.

Air Canada reported a loss of $6.3 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, a drop of 8.1% from the same period a year earlier.

It’s not all bad news.

The company reported a gain of $1.6 billion in revenue for the first three months of 2018.

That was down 2.1%.

It also added 1,000 jobs, or 4.4% from a year ago.

However, that number doesn’t tell the whole story.

United Airlines The U.K.-based airline reported a net loss of nearly $3.3 million, or $2.82 per share.

That loss was the biggest one in United’s history.

United had net losses of $3,934 million in 2018.

The airline also reported a decline in gross profit by 9.2% to $4.8 billion.

The loss came as the company was grappling with a $8.5 billion debt restructuring.

The deal with the U.KK Group, the holding company that owns the majority of United, was completed in October 2018 and will see the airline take a loss for the next 10 years.

United also reported an increase in expenses for the quarter, with a 9% increase in fuel and freight costs, and a 5% decrease in operating expenses.

United’s operating loss increased by $1 million to $3 million.

Delta Air Lines Delta, the world’s largest air carrier, reported a quarterly net loss that was $1,813 million.

That is a loss per share of $0.31, or 2.9%.

Delta also reported another $2 billion in debt restructuring costs.

The financial losses were partially offset by higher earnings, as the carrier earned $639 million on $1 trillion in revenue.

US Airways US airlines lost $1 billion in the fiscal quarter, or 10 cents per share, as it lost $2,737 million in profits.

That includes $2 million in pension and other liabilities.

Virgin America The Virgin America group reported a $2-billion loss in the same quarter.

The carrier reported a total loss of just over $2billion, or 12 cents per cent.

That included $1-billion in pension costs and $1-$2 billion worth of other debt.

American Airlines American lost $3 billion in its latest quarterly financial results, a record.

The U.P.S., the carrier’s parent company, reported its first loss in nearly 10 years as American’s stock price slid by about 20% in the weeks leading up to the results.

American Airlines, a unit of United Continental Holdings Inc., is now valued at $22.3-billion.

Tandem Aviation Holdings Inc. An aircraft manufacturer, Tandem Aviation, reported losses of more than $1 per share for the third quarter.

It reported a profit of $8,898 million, a decline of $2 per share from the previous quarter.

Tandem, which is owned by the Carlyle Group, was valued at about $2 trillion at the end of 2018, according to FactSet data.

Alaska Airlines Alaskans, who pay the highest taxes in the nation, have a hard time buying planes because the federal tax rate is 35%.

Alaska’s state tax rate of 22.9% is among the highest in the country.

That makes it a big target for airlines because the tax rate can make buying expensive new jets much more expensive than buying cheap ones.

Alaska Airlines reported that it was in a difficult spot.

It has been struggling with the recession, the worst on record.

In the third-quarter, Alaska lost $921 million, its biggest quarterly loss since 2005.

The Alaska Airlines shares fell by 6.2%, to $28.99.

Kia Motors, Inc.

Kia, a subsidiary of Kia Motors North America, reported that its profits in the fourth quarter were up 7.1%, but were