Spirit Airlines stocks hit new highs as new CEO joins the company

BRANFF, Texas — Spirit Airlines is in full swing as the company’s new chief executive announced the appointment of veteran CEO Dan Hinkle.

Hinkle, who previously served as chairman of the board of directors at Delta Airlines, has served as president and chief executive officer of Spirit since January 2016.

The company posted its first profit since September 2015 on Friday as it boosted revenue to $1.07 billion, bringing its total profit to $6.45 billion since the company was founded in 2008.

“We are making progress as we begin the process of transitioning to a new leadership team,” Hinkle said in a statement.

“Dan is a passionate advocate for our mission and vision, and I look forward to his continued leadership on our team.”

The new chief will join the company as CEO of Spirit Airlines on Monday, Hinkle will join Spirit as vice president of corporate affairs and operations and Chief Financial Officer on Monday.

At Spirit, Holes work with the company to align its brand and customer relationships with the evolving needs of its customers.

A native of Austin, Texas, Hinkins roots have been in aviation, serving as a flight attendant and air traffic controller at a variety of airlines including American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines before joining Delta in 2007.

He previously served on the boards of both JetBlue and American Airlines.

In a statement, Delta said Hinkle has been a “highly valued member of our team for many years and is an asset for Delta.”

“He will join a great airline, a valued customer and a great company,” Delta CEO Doug Parker said in the statement.

Delta said it will begin to implement changes to its workforce and training programs in an effort to align with the changes in customer needs, including a focus on the use of technology to support the airline’s transformation to a blended economy.