Israel Airline Is Getting An American Airlines Coupon on Its Airbus A350-900

Israel Air Lines is getting an American Airlines discount on its A350 aircraft, thanks to the $100 billion Israeli deal with the U.S. government.

The deal includes a $100-a-week discount on the A350 with no annual fee, and the airline has signed a contract with a new partner for the Boeing 737 MAX 727-300ER, the second American-built jetliner to be built at the AIA’s San Francisco plant.

The AIA is now making its A330, A350, and A350X aircraft in Israel, as well as a range of 737s, 747s, and 737MAXs.

The Israel deal also includes the delivery of 12 737 MAXs.

Israel Airlines had originally planned to begin delivering the new aircraft in 2019, but this deal is the first time the country will be able to deliver the planes in one go, Israel Air says.

The new aircraft will be the first to use the Boeing 777X platform, and Israel will be responsible for the first new 737 MAX to enter service.

A key part of the A320-200X project was the A330-200 platform.

The first A320 aircraft was delivered to Israel in November, while the A340-200 was delivered in January.

Israel is still waiting to deliver all 12 A350 planes, which were to be delivered in 2021.

Israel and the United States have a long history of cooperation, with both countries building the first A330 and A320.

In September 2017, Israel signed a memorandum of understanding with American Airlines to purchase the 737 MAX aircraft from the U,S.


The U.A.E. is also in the process of acquiring two Boeing 737s for its A380, the first planes to use a 767-300 derivative of the 777X engine.